Government Machineries in Penang

State Secretariat Office

  1. Penang State Secretariat Office (PSUK)

State Departments

  1. Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS), Penang
  2. Penang Agriculture Department (JPN)
  3. Penang Botanic Gardens (JKB)
  4. Penang Forestry Department (JHN)
  5. Penang Land and Mines Office (PTG)
  6. Penang Public Works Department (JKR)
  7. Penang Social Welfare Department (JKM)
  8. Penang State Mufti Office
  9. Penang State Religious Department (JAIPP)
  10. Penang State Treasury Department (JKN)
  11. Penang Syariah Judiciary Department (JKSN)
  12. Penang Town and Rural Planning Department (JPBD)
  13. State Department of Veterinary Service, Penang (JPVPP)
  14. The Office of the Head of State, Penang

Land and District Offices

  1. North East (TL)
  2. South West (BD)
  3. Northern Seberang Perai (SPU)
  4. Central Seberang Perai (SPT)
  5. Southern Seberang Perai (SPS)

Local Authorities

  1. Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP)
  2. Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP)

Statutory Bodies

  1. Penang Development Corporation (PDC)
  2. Penang State Library (PNPP)
  3. Penang State Religious Council (MAIPP)
  4. Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBA)

Based on original list from myGovernment Portal.