Jom Pi Penang (29nov-31dec08)

“A month-long fun fairs of 160 stores with rides, games and a trade exhibition to cater for the whole family.”

: 29th November 2008 ~ 31st December 2008
Time: 6pm ~ 11.30pm
Venue: Pesta Site, Sungai Nibong
Organizer: Penang State Government‘s Finance Department (Jabatan Kewangan Negeri Pulau Pinang – JKNPP)
Tel: 04-2623505 / 04-6585202

Admission fees: RM3 (Adult), RM1 (Children 7~12 years old)

Special highlights: Nightly concerts featuring local artists.


  1. Paintball Adventure
  2. Showcase Pengacara Aznil Nawawi
  3. Penternakan Lintah & Ayam Piru, Effective Microorganism
  4. Showcase Ustaz Akhil Hayy and Friends
  5. Pameran Mini Fertigasi & Konsep 3-Dimensi Tasik Meromitik
  6. Penampilan Artis Tempatan
  7. Program Mengapai Bintang Bersama Angkasawan Negara
  8. Nabil Raja Lawak
  9. Program Bersama Sasterawan Negara
  10. Kumpulan XPDC
  11. Mari Membaca Bersama Abang Alif (AF)
  12. Kumpulan Senario
  13. Bersama Kartunis Negara ”Datuk Lat”
  14. Kumpulan Wings
  15. Program Satu Bayi Satu Buku
  16. Faizal Tahir and Izwan Pilus
  17. Thai Fair & Chinese Asia Art Group
  18. 6th Sense
  19. Kumpulan Kristal
  20. Showcase Music DJ Rika and DJ Deen
  21. Kumpulan Def Gab C
  22. School Of Music Performance
  23. Hilmi Gimik
  24. Artis Mentor [Fiq,Pija & Ayu]
  25. Kumpulan Hujan
  26. Kumpulan Data
  27. Kumpulan May
  28. Kumpulan Jinbara
  29. Pertandingan Tarian Kebudayaan
  30. Pertandingan Badminton Tertutup
  31. Pertandingan Nyanyian Lagu Asli & Pertandingan Kugiran
  32. Pertandingan Ping Pong Pesta Pulau Pinang 2008
  33. Pertandingan Karom Terbuka
  34. Kejohanan Tinju Terbuka
  35. Pertandingan Boria
  36. Pertandingan Kick Boxing/Tomoi
  37. Pertandingan Gusti Lengan & Body Building Show Off,
  38. Aerobathon
  39. Penyertaan Antarabangsa – Xiamen (China), Sumatera Utara (Medan)
  40. Euro Fun Park

and many more…


Pesta expo to feature 165 stalls

The Star Online (Thursday November 27, 2008)

THE annual Pesta Pulau Pinang expo will feature 165 stalls which will exhibit and sell a variety of items such as electrical gadgets, food and tourism and textile products.

The expo at the Pesta grounds in Sungai Nibong will open daily from 6pm to 11.30pm from Saturday to Dec 31.

State Tourism Development, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law said Angkasawan Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, squash champion Datuk Nicole David and badminton ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei will make special appearances.

“There will be nightly concerts featuring local singers including Mas Idayu and Faizal Tahir at the main stage,” he told a press conference at the Pesta site yesterday.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, ping pong, badminton and sepaktakraw matches would be held, he said.

Other activities include Mini Malaysia Carnival, Menara KL Show, Reptile and Exotic Animals Display and paintball games, he said.

“Indonesia, Thailand, China and Nigeria will be taking up booths to display their goods,” he said.

Admission fees for adults have been reduced from RM4 last year to RM3 this year. Children aged between seven and 12 will be charged RM1 each.

About 500,000 people are expected to visit the 33-day event.

Law said the Penang Floral Festival, a Pesta Pulau Pinang programme, would open between 9am and 7pm daily from Nov 29 to Dec 7 at the Penang Botanic Gardens.

Themed “Floral Fantasy,” the festival is expected to draw 50,000 people. Admission is free.

“The highlights of the festival are the orchid, bonsai and adenium competitions. Government agencies and private companies in Penang can also vie for the Governor’s Challenge Trophy in the landscape design competition,” he said.

On the Penang Pesta Dragon Open Boat Race, he said it would be held on Dec 7 at the Teluk Bahang Dam instead of Queensbay’s coastal seafront as announced earlier.


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Adapted from Visit Penang‘s website. For information on more tourism events in Penang, download “Penang Calendar of Events 2009” (3MB PDF).