Leverage the Media

Running an event, seen a not-to-be missed happenings or have causes to promote? Although the new media (online) is getting more and more popular nowadays, no more than 25% of Malaysian population are likely to rely on the Internet as a main source of news and information. Reach the other 20-40% of the population via the following mainstream print media (with local contacts, almost all of which also publish online — the other 35-55% of Malaysian population or so perhaps could care less about anything but their immediate local news via mouth-to-mouth distribution):-

English Press

News Agencies

  • Bernama Tel. – 604-2299689 Fax. 2299866
  • Reuters Tel. – 604-2260645 Fax. 2269554

Chinese Press

Malay Press

Tamil Press

  • Tamil Nesan Tel. 604-261 2453

BONUS: Popular Online Media accepting PR/newsfeeds

Based on the original phone number compilation by Penang Watch. For a longer list of newspapers in Malaysia, refer WikiPedia or MyCen.