Penang Buang Duit (Ayaq)!

“No point giving water rebates…” – exactly what I thought when I first heard of this other big stunt from Lim Guan Eng’s state government, many months ago! How twisted can a plan from this “kalut”/clueless no-a-real-Penangite Chief Minister can be after another stunt of all waiving MPPP fines immediately after a sudden office takeover back in March this year? And of course, his most recent useless activities that revolve around multi-language road signs that wasted countless of his paid working hours up to touring Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur etc. – more and more talk, but lacks real usable actions after nearly seven months in office…

As a Penang-born citizen who still live in and love this state of Malaysia, I can give 10s of reason why this rebate idea is an utmost STUPIDITY and VERY DECEIVING… For a start, why giving cash to supposedly “low cost homes” owners/residents (many of whom can afford luxury cars up to even a a Benz!) when there are tens of thousands Penang residents who don’t even posses his or her own house!

Bravo to Datuk Azhar for speaking out, LOUDLY, finally… I now know that these senses I’ve been having about YAB Lim Guan Eng (whom I’ve stumbled upon quite a few times including watching him personally in action at the Parliament Building), despite the rather strong support from the man’s obsesses supporters during the past couple days event at Traders Hotel, are not unique to just me.

Read The Star Online’s piece published yesterday:

NIBONG TEBAL: The state government has been accused of using the wrong approach to eradicate poverty in the state.

Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) chairman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said instead of helping the 2,000-odd hardcore poor and poor families, the state government would waste RM17mil in water rebates to some 170,000 families in the state.

“I do not see the logic of giving water rebates to 170,000 families in Penang as part of the state measures to help poor families.

“Based on the latest statistics, there are only 494 hardcore poor families and 1,500 poor families of all races in Penang.

“So why is the state government wasting RM17mil of the state’s money to 170,000 families who are not poor. Where is the logic?” he asked.

Azhar who is also Opposition leader told this to reporters Friday after launching a catfish-rearing project at Kampung Indera Timbalan in Simpang Ampat, here.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng Lim had said that the state government was making efforts to ensure that Penang would be free of hardcore poor and poor families by March next year.

Azhar said ever since Pakatan Rakyat took over the state government, the state had not moved forward as its leaders were busy politicking and finding fault with the previous state government.

He said the state government should prepare to brace of the worse next year when the economic recession set in.

Azhar said the catfish-rearing project was one of the four core programmes introduced by Perda to help poor people earn extra income.

( “No point giving water rebates, Penang told” – ZULKIFLY MOHAMAD, The Star Onlne, 5 DEC 2008)

p/s: Yes I know that Guan Eng can be right on certain things, but the question is: Is Lim Guan Eng the Chief Minister of Penang (and its State Assemblyman) first, or is he just leveraging this lucky post as a stepping stone for his dream on Prime Ministership at the burdens of Penangites – just as previous top men of Federal government from the northern region like Tun Mahathir, Pak Lah and Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim? What have these clowns really done to average Penangites and Kedahans respectively? Used them again, and again?

And if Mr CM insists on being an MP or PM-aspirant first, perhaps he should consider working real hard NOW to bring back a fully-recognized city status for Bandaraya (Pulau) Pinang (Pinang/Tanjong City, inclusive of the George Town UNESCO heritage city), to be administrated by a fully-able and more dedicated Datuk Bandar (mayor), and while he’s busy with multi-language road names, try working to rename Seberang Perai (consisting of three of the five Penang districts SPU, SPT & SPS) into Seberang Pinang to reduce the ages of confusion for the locals and visitors alike — Then only can Penangites be proud again to be at the place to be in Malaysia!