Three months, 600+ cities, all flocking to Penang City!

Over 11,000 visitors have visited Penang City‘s group of websites (* during the first quarter of 2009, from 1st of January until 31st of March ’09. The sites have also been experiencing gradual increases in visits to surpass 200 visitors per day during many of most recent days.

The visitors came from over 600 cities in 90 countries via nearly 1,000 (computer) network locations:-

  1. Over 80% of the visitors are from Malaysia, followed by United States (6.6%), Singapore (2.3%), United Kingdom (1%), Indonesia (1%), Australia, Canada, Thailand, Japan and Germany.

  2. From Malaysia peninsular, the most visitors come from the home state of Pulau Pinang (‘cities’ of George Town, Prai & Butterworth – 34%), followed by Malaysian towns and cities of Kuala Lumpur (23.5%), Petaling Jaya (9%), Ipoh (8%) and ‘Montara’ (Mont Kiara?), Kulim and Johor Bahru with 2% visitors each. Singapore also contributed 2% of the visits, at the 9th place.

  3. A total 1,357 pages were viewed a total of 18,281 times!
  4. Slightly over a third of visits were to respective home pages.
  5. 82.9% of the visits, are by new visitors, signifying potential growth of the traffic.

  6. The biggest traffic contributors were the search engines (over 70%), eg. Google (46%) and Yahoo (21.5%). Other contributing referring sites include MSN, Facebook and Google Images (Search) at about 1% each. PID Balik Pulau‘s website also contributed 1.5% of the visits.
  7. Over 60% of Penang City’s visitors use Microsoft Internet Explorer, while a third of the visitors prefer Mozilla Firefox. Chrome, Safari and Opera are following at the bottom with 2% or less each. Over 60% of the visitors also use broadband connection in the form of DSL, T1 or Cable.

  8. TM Berhad continues to be the biggest Internet service provider in Malaysia, having fasalitated over 50% of the visits (including via its Celcom mobile broadband services) to Other major ISPs bringing the traffic include Core IP Network Development (PenangFon & MetroFon), Maxis Communications Bhd, USM Pulau Pinang and Jaring.

  9. All these growing visits have pushed the popularity of to be in the top 1-million globally and top 12,000 in Malaysia, among over 150-million active domains as of today.